There is no doubt that environmental issues affecting Real Estate will continue to form an important part of the Corporate and Social Responsibility agenda. However, as tenant demand for “green buildings” begins to increase, they will also start to have a greater impact on investment performance. As a result, sustainability is an integral part of the KFIM investment process:

Acquisition Stage

The assessment of sustainability issues is a critical part of the due diligence process; for example, a review of a building's current EPC rating together with the potential to improve the rating and to make the building more attractive to the occupier.

Asset Management

Every building has a business plan which considers, amongst other issues, the potential to improve a buildings "green credentials”; an example could be the incorporation of new energy savings measures within a building.

Finally, KFIM is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) policies laid out in the United Nations Environment Progamme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI).

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