Investment Performance and Client service: the catalyst for growth in an uncertain world!

13 April 2017

Is it just me, or are people around the world collectively doing their best to make this a very unstable world?


Looking from East to West, the names of Kim Jong-un, Putin, Basher al-Assad, Marine Le Pen, our Boris and of course “the Donald”, all bring to mind images of change (not necessarily a bad thing) and political uncertainty (and in the cases of al-Assad and Kim Jong-un, far worse). Personally, I am still trying to work out whether Brexit is the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning or something else entirely; I suspect the answer depends on your perspective.


However, despite all of this upheaval, I am pleased to advise that KFIM continues on its upward trend. We have managed to create a very talented team, which is borne out by continued investment out-performance, as well as delivery of the service levels and investment targets required by our Client mandates. Some may recall that during the first quarter 2016 we managed to raise GBP 307m for our first Fund, virtually all of which is already committed. We are currently finalising commitments for a second close; a fantastic achievement by the team, reflecting not only our ability to deliver on our promise regarding the time it would take to invest the equity, but also our ability to source off market transactions. More on this in the next ten days (it would of course be inappropriate of me to steal the team’s thunder!).


I have always believed that strong investment performance, strong client service and actually delivering on our promises will ensure that the business is successful and continues to grow; targeting AuM growth in isolation of these three things is just not, in my opinion, a sustainable long term approach. Having just finished another financial year, it is encouraging for us as a business that KFIM continues to experience year on year growth and, as long as we retain our focus on service and performance, we are confident that this will continue.


That just leaves me to wish you and your families a restful and enjoyable Easter break.


Kevin Aitchison


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